Chair: René van Swaaningen

Border Crossing, Security & Social Justice

Building: A
Room: 13

Author: van Swaaningen René, Criminology Department, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Giulia Fabini, University of Bologna Jelle Janssens, Ghent University Marisa Silvestri, University of Kent
Title: Research Master on European and International Criminology
This panel is meant to present a new master's programme of research into European and international criminology, with a thematical focus on border crossing, security and social justice. It is a collaborative initiative of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL) (coordinator) and the Universities of Bologna (I), Ghent (B) and Kent (UK).
Keywords: Global flows of people, local dilemma’s and global answers
Author: Fabini Giulia, University of Bologna

Title: Research Master in European and International Criminology: The Bologna University Track
In the last two years University of Rotterdam, University of Kent, University of Ghent and University of Bologna have been working jointly as a consortium in order to develop ReMEIC’s programme. ReMEIC is the acronym for the Research Master in European and International criminology, a two-years Research Master’s programme that will start in September 2019, which is aimed at equipping students with deep knowledge of up-to-date criminological theories and research methods for studying border-crossing phenomena, with a balance between Security and Social justice. The consortium is composed by partners in the field of international criminology from the North (Netherlands, Belgium, UK) and the South (Italy), which is intended to offer different perspectives on the various stages of migration flows in and across Europe. The University of Bologna will offer a track on “Border control, processes of migrants’ criminalisation, detention and penal policies”, focusing on how administrative and penal law are used to manage, control and discipline migration in Europe. The courses will explore topics such as crimmigration, administrative detention, deportation, processes of criminalization, prison, and the historical context of departure of migration flows.
Keywords: ReMEIC, Border control, Italy, University of Bologna, criminalization of immigration
Author: Janssens Jelle, Ghent University

Title: Research Master in European and International Criminology: The Ghent University Track
In September 2019 a new two-year Master’s Programme in Advanced Research on Border Crossing, Security and Social Justice will be initiated. A consortium of the universities of Rotterdam (Erasmus) (NL), Ghent (BE), Kent (UK), and Bologna (IT) is currently working on a joint programme that has already led to the award of an Erasmus+ Strategic partnership grant of the European Union. With a focus on border control, cities and urban transformations, culture and hybrid identities, European Union law and policy on justice and Home Affairs, geopolitics, human trafficking, organised crime, processes of social inclusion and exclusion, radicalisation, xenophobia, etc., the programme is reflecting key EU-priorities. By addressing migration-related issues in a cultural and global criminological framework, the programme is a reflection of the research agendas of the partaking universities. This presentation will focus on the track that will be offered at Ghent University (BE). The track focuses on the regulation, policy and other measures, with which the EU responds to the various challenges provided by contemporary criminal activities within EU. It offers the core, theoretical knowledge in this area as well as the practical application thereof regarding particular crime (specialised knowledge) and the critical framework, within which the mentioned EU responses and modern EU-wide crime can be analysed.
Keywords: Border crossing, research master, social justice, Ghent University, security
Author: ,

Title: Border Crossing – Theory, Culture, Power and the Global
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